Letter to the Reader

I had do decide what information to put and in what order. A summary of what the essay entailed was first along with my general stance on the topic. Then came the part where I stated the two differing position and discourses. Following that was the main body of the essay, where I provided points […]

Discourse Community Memo

Hello, fellow followers of the benefits of marijuana usage. Today, I’d like to point out one discourse community that opposes the view of decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. This one discourse community in particular is none other than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is an administration that is responsible for protecting […]

Project Proposal

The Decriminalization of Marijuana 1)   The issue of smoking pot for recreational use has been a topic of interest for many years now, but has never been approved in any state, that is, however, until Washington and Colorado voters legalized recreational use of marijuana, in this 2012 Presidential Campaign making them the first U.S. states […]

Hello world!

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