Letter to the Reader

I had do decide what information to put and in what order. A summary of what the essay entailed was first along with my general stance on the topic. Then came the part where I stated the two differing position and discourses. Following that was the main body of the essay, where I provided points to why I have my position on the topic. Then the final paragraph is where I stated what I would have done do help prove this argument to someone with the opposite stance on the issue. My research process was to scan the internet for reliable sources on topics regarding to the decriminalization of marijuana use and possession. There were many articles that advocated the decriminalization of marijuana that all had good information. I used those articles for the information to put in the essay. As for articles advocating the continuation of the illegality of marijuana possession and use, there weren’t many with solid reasons as to why marijuana should remain illegal. Many sources claimed that there was an increased likelihood for harder drug use if the person also has used marijuana. This is known as the gateway drug theory. It is not a good reason because the statistics supporting it are naturally skewed in its favor. From the articles, I chose specific information to help show the differing stances of the argument and to help illustrate why this was a national issue. I also spent much of my research process sifting through information to find the points that would better help my readers understand the essay. I modified the content to be cohesive in the essay, as opposed to just copying specific facts straight from their articles. I also changed the tone of some of the points to better help show what I was trying to show. Some statistics I got were simply numbered representations and I had to modify them so they could be used in the essay with the essay still making sense. The tone of the articles against the decriminalization of marijuana was often hostile and seemed to be using fear tactics to help persuade their arguments. I had to modify this as to purely present the facts and not be completely biased. The hardest part of writing the essay was to include all of the many points and find all of the legitimate counterpoints of the topic of decriminalizing marijuana. There were an overabundance of points in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, but the points against were often outdated, outrageous, and not purely unbiased. Points for the decriminalization of marijuana were often better researched and had surveys and statistics to support their legitimacy. Whereas points advocating continual criminilzation of marijuana were often unaccredited and did not have reliable research to help back them up. I worked through this by trying to include the most relevant points I could while limiting redundancy, while at the same time trying to find legitimate points against my proposition and proving as to why they aren’t plausible.


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