Project Proposal

The Decriminalization of Marijuana

1)   The issue of smoking pot for recreational use has been a topic of interest for many years now, but has never been approved in any state, that is, however, until Washington and Colorado voters legalized recreational use of marijuana, in this 2012 Presidential Campaign making them the first U.S. states to decriminalize the practice. Cannabis is used for treating medical problems, eating disabilities, as well as, some other uses for this precious plant. Colorado and Washington may have made the recreational use (any free time you have) of marijuana legal, but it will be a long time before the whole United States will agree or even consider legalizing the use of marijuana. Michigan voters will not see a ballot related to cannabis use until the year 2014, this issue was supposed to be on this years ballot, but the petition that was going around our state only came up with about 50,000 signatures, when over 300,000 were needed in order for recreational use of marijuana to qualify for a spot on the 2012 ballot.

2)    Most politicians, however, seem wary of the topic, and are being more conservative in their public statements than polls would suggest, while voters and other citizens of the United States see the recreational use of marijuana as a way to get our country out of debt, by taxing the cannabis and selling it readily to citizens everywhere.

3)   In my essay, I will argue that the decriminalization of marijuana will help and strengthen our American economy to top performance, and by taxing cannabis and making it readily available to citizens everywhere, our country’s debt will be no more.


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